Autumn Activities That Will Bring Your Family Close Together

School has begun in one form or the other for most families, but that doesn’t mean the family fun you had all summer has to end. So why not decide to help the kiddos remember that fun still exists in the fall? Besides, you could probably use some levity and family bonding, too! So with that in mind, here are some family activities that you and your family can do together this autumn!

Halloween Prep

The season of spooks isn’t too far away, so why not get things started a little early? Even if trick or treating isn’t exactly on the schedule this year, making some Halloween costumes together is fun in and of itself! Plus, it’d make for some great photo opportunities. Or if you’d like to set a bit of atmosphere, have everyone help to start putting up the Halloween decorations inside the house!

Cooking Lessons

In the vein of coming holidays, Thanksgiving seems to get shunted to the side pretty often, even though you could make the argument that it’s the one that most completely encapsulates this time of year. If food (and being thankful) is big in your family, then it might be high time to get them in on the action. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, like baking a turkey. You can teach your kids the small things. Anything that they can make themselves and eat later will be rewarding in and of itself!

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

An old-fashioned choice, but a fruitful one! That line was more clever than you might think because, guess what: Pumpkins are technically considered fruits! Who knew? This is the kind of stuff you and your family could learn out on the pumpkin patch! If nothing else, you’ll get a pumpkin out of it that you could use for those cooking lessons we talked about previously. Or you could…

Carve Pumpkins

Now here’s a traditional activity that’s a lot more hands-on! As long as you can trust your kids to hold a knife, and as long as they don’t mind (or would prefer to play with) the gunk scraped out from inside it, stabbing silly faces into gourds is always a good time. They don’t even have to be faces, though. As a fun challenge, you could try etching words, or scenes, or objects. If the kids are too young to carve, you can task them with drawing on the pumpkin and have the older kids or adults carve it.


What better way to celebrate the coming chill than to get some of that fresh fall air in your lungs? There’s nothing quite like the beauty of autumn, with the falling brown and yellow leaves and the brisk breeze and the almost magical calmness of it all. Sure, calmness is not exactly what your kids might be after. But on the other hand, as far as they’re concerned, they’re going on a journey to find some hidden treasure or something. You could even make up an adventure story beforehand and act it out during the hike to keep the little kids more interested.

A Bonfire

If things get a little too chilly a little too quickly… well, that’s why our ancient ancestors invented fire. A great big bonfire for the whole family to sit around, roasting marshmallows and chatting it up with each other, is certainly a pleasing idea. There’s nothing more magical than a warming fire on a chilly fall evening.

Rake Some Leaves

If you don’t live somewhere with a front or back yard with lots of leaf-dropping trees, this will mean nothing to you.

If you do have one of these setups, however, then the visceral satisfaction of not only cleaning a large space but also hearing all those leaves crinkle together like music is a particularly strong one. Once you get all those leaves into one big pile, then your kids can jump into them! Or you can jump into them because life is hard, and sometimes you just need to dive into some foliage.


If you like the idea of enjoying the beautiful autumn scenery, but not so much the physical exertion part that hiking demands, then have we got the alternative for you! Hayrides are about the coziest things you can do this season, save for the bonfires. In addition, it’s nice to sit back and do something that you don’t have to put any work into.

That should be enough to work with, right? Plenty of ideas in all shapes and sizes – just like pumpkins. Or families! That’s a better analogy. We should have started with that one.

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