See Which of Last Season’s Box Office Hits Are Today’s Must-See Home Video Releases

Didn’t get to see all this year’s summer blockbusters at the movie theater? Neither did most of us. But did you know that, with the power of modern technology, it’s actually possible to watch movies from your own home? Astounding.

With the advent of Netflix and however many other streaming services there are now, most if not all movies that get released find a home somewhere on the great cloud we call Online. So while we’re still in our homes, it’s high time to get caught up on what could be our new favorites and watch some of the top blockbusters of the just-ended summer!

Okay, before we get properly started, let’s just add the little caveat here that a couple of movies didn’t get theatrical releases. Thus their box office status is dubious. But we’re adding them anyway because, for one, we’re arguing with semantics at that point.


Luca is the latest film from Pixar. Two boys who are secretly sea monsters befriend each other and explore the surface world of the humans, learning about their culture and themselves. Of course, there’s going to be crying involved, as is the Pixar way.

F9: The Fast Saga

You’d think that a movie franchise so concerned with family would be a little more child-friendly. But those cars are simply going too fast! Our children can’t be taught to behave this way.

After spending eight movies defying death, Don has attempted to live a more peaceful life, but death still hasn’t given up on him. So in this latest bid for Don’s soul, the franchise is throwing the most dangerous enemy yet at our proud car dad: His own brother. If that wasn’t bad enough, his assassin brother can also drive cars really, really well.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Lo has the prophecy been written in the ’90s: The Toons will enter the Earth-realm and claim a famous basketball player. And for the sports star to return, they must help the Toons win at basketball. Thus is their rite of passage from “Basketball Player” to “Best Friends with Daffy Duck,” which is a way better thing to be if you ask us.

So it was with Michael Jordan, so it is now with Lebron James. Except for this time, the stakes are higher. Lebron must not only save himself, but he must also save his kidnapped son. Will Lebron James escape with his son intact? Will Bugs Bunny do a sick dunk? Will Speedy Gonzales finally reveal that he’s actually from New Zealand?


  1. Night Shyamalan returns once again with his bag of tricks and twists, this time bringing us to a remote vacation island where those who walk its beaches age rapidly. If we were the betting type, we’d put our money on “the twist is that it’s an island of vampires.” Or maybe the aging was caused by the plants all along?

The Suicide Squad

No, not that one. This is a new one. A CIA officer assembles a team of rugged villains and ne’er-do-wells to fight an insurmountable foe. But they aren’t called “The Suicide Squad” for nothing, as they realize they’re ultimately just cannon fodder. This probably doesn’t go over well.

However, reviews from those who watched it in theatres said it was much better than the first Suicide Squad, so check it out.

Jungle Cruise

If you’ve ever been on the Jungle Cruise ride at Disney World and thought to yourself, “This is great and all, but if these puns were spoken by Dwayne The Rock Johnson for the duration of a feature-length film, I might discover a new kind of joy never before experienced by man or beast,” then we have excellent news. Frank (Johnson) and Dr. Lily (Emily Blunt) travel the Amazon searching for the Tree of Life and presumably better wises’ to crack.

Summer of Soul

This documentary is about the Harlem Cultural Festival of 1969 and its impact and celebration of all things soul in the music of that era. We don’t have anything funny or witty to say here. We just think the entire concept and film are wonderfully cool.

The Green Knight

Did anyone else have to read this as homework in school? Anyone? Regardless, this is based on an Arthurian folk story about a knight who, in his hubris, gets roped into a destiny with the Green Knight (specifically, to get his head cut off by him eventually). What follows is his desperate quest to prove his honor and keep his beautiful head.

So there we go! Summer movies that are now available on home video. We can smell the popcorn now.

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