Summer fashion makes a come-back. What trends to look out for during the 2021 Fashion season

If you want the latest on 2021 summer fashion trends you’ve come to the right place. This guide will cover what the most popular trends are right now and which designer brands are behind them. So keep on reading to know exactly what you need for your summer wardrobe to be on point!

Black and white are right.

Monochrome is officially in this summer. Top designers like Dolce and Gabbana and Chanel have been creating elegant patchwork and chequerboard dresses. The best thing about the black and white trend is that it works for almost every occasion, plus, black and white compliments practically every other color.

Bralettes are back

It’s been a long time since we all witnessed JLO in her cream bralette and cowboy hat at the 1998 VMAs. But, the summer of 2021 will see plain and simple bralettes, rhinestone-covered bralettes, and, of course, flirty bralettes!

Floss it up

Look out for midriff flossing this summer. For those unfamiliar with the term, midriff flossing refers to a skirt with dental floss-like fastenings around the waistline. Although they are commonly seen in skirts, bralettes can be seen with midriff flossing too – as can maxi dresses. People can thank Victoria Beckham and Christopher Esber for this trend.

Sweep the floor

Exhale! This trend has been revived to rescue those of us stuck in our apartments with absolutely zero socialisation (blame Covid), and is none other than maxi dresses. 2021 summer fashion is getting romantic with this one. The floaty maxi dresses have been pictured at Dior, Valentino, Erden, Alberata Ferretti, and Michael Kors fashion shows. The sheer dresses sweep the floor and are perfectly elegant. So, if you’re looking to get dolled up and feel glamorous for a change, this trend is for you.

Wider pants

We’ve seen the bootleg cuts of the 70s, the low-rise jeans of the 2000s, and 90s mom jeans, and now we are seeing the wide baggy pants of the 2020s. These elegant pants have graced the catwalk in pinks, reds, grays, blues, and browns. Designer brands like Stella Mccartney and Tom Ford have been quick to jump on this trend.

Superhero gear

Capes are in now (yes, capes). This trend may prove controversial for some, but the style does look glamorous (and not as superhero-like as you may be thinking). Simone Rocha is behind this trend and described her inspiration as dreaming of escaping to a faraway castle. Evening gowns were adorned with graceful draping capes as they were showcased on the catwalk.

Sequins, sequins, and more sequins

Although not quite as dazzling as a disco ball, 2021 clothing is becoming sequin central. Celine models were dressed in sequin-coated gowns, sneakers, and baseball caps before they hit the runways (think of that what you will), while gowns like this inspired Balmain but with slits at the thighs instead. Louis Vuitton opted for simple t-shirts, and Valentino chose gowns with flats. It’s recommended that you start this trend out with sequin shoes, hats, and accessories before moving on to bigger things like gowns. Also, try not to incorporate too much color in your overall outfit, as this can make the sequins fade into it.

Show some skin

A new trend for summer 2021 is cutouts. The area between your rib cage and waist is to be bared while you rock a gown. Prada incorporated tiny holes into skin-showing knitwear and paired it with a skirt and kitten heels. For those who’d prefer not to show a lot of skin, there are ways to rock the cutout trend modestly. For example, Christopher Esber has sent models down the runway in long-sleeved maxi dresses with tiny areas cut out around the waistline.

The corset called

Everyone watched Givenchy this spring and saw Matthew M Williams create a corset that sculpts your curves, giving you a feminine look, which soon gets overshadowed by the street-smart padlock belt of the corset. You can opt for a classic full corset or a half corset in 2021. Corset belts are an amazing way to get used to this trend if you don’t feel ready to try out a full corset just yet. A great thing about this trend is that it’s perfect to wear for your Tik Tok dance routines, and looking fashionable increases your chances of getting on the Tik Tok For You Page.

How to look stylish this summer

Be yourself. Following trends is great, and all but true style comes from confidence – and even if it doesn’t, wearing clothes that you like and fits your lifestyle is far more important than following what is trendy.

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