How To Know If You Are Purchasing Quality CBD

The Qualities of CBD

CBD is an extract derived from the cannabis plant. Even though there is CBD in marijuana, the extraction is usually from agricultural hemp. This is because hemp contains less THC. THC is the chemical responsible for producing psychoactivity or the feeling of being high. Hemp is more versatile and less controversial than the marijuana plant.

The most important concept is quality. Poor quality CBD oil does not provide the same benefits experienced with the high-quality version. In some cases, lower quality CBD can contain potentially harmful toxins. There are ways to determine if the CBD oil is top-quality.

Manufacturing CBD

The industry of CBD oil is still young. This means there are fewer regulations pertaining to the manufacturing process. Different brands of CBD use different methods of extraction for manufacturing their products. When the price of the product is ridiculously low, there is a good chance the extraction method was cheap. This means toxic solvents were used. These solvents are dangerous and include butane, pentane, hexane, and propane.

Two of these solvents are found in gas ranges and stoves like butane and propane. They are all hydrocarbon gases most commonly found in petroleum. Some companies use a pharmaceutical-grade, organic ethanol for processing CBD. There is virtually no difference between this and grain alcohol. This removes unnecessary residues and toxins from the hemp plant. This type of extraction is believed to yield more cannabinoids than any of the other refinement processes available.

This method is also the safest for consumption. Supercritical CO2 extraction can also be used to extract and manufacture CBD oil. This process places carbon dioxide under pressure in an incredibly cold environment. This type of extraction is more complicated and requires production expertise and expensive equipment. This process makes certain the purity of the CBD is maintained.

Prior to buying CBD oil, the production methods of the manufacturer should be researched. This information can be obtained by speaking with a customer service representative or listed on the company’s website. The highest quality CBD oil is extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction.

The Importance of the Whole Plant

Another important aspect of quality CBD oil is if the entire plant was used during manufacturing. Despite the popularity of CBD Isolates, they are much cheaper than the extract from the whole plant. The quality is better when the entire plant is used as opposed to just one part. This is because the oil in the plant contains all of the primary and secondary components of the hemp as opposed to just the CBD. This includes other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.

The belief is these work with the CBD synergistically. This provides the user with better benefits than just using CBD by itself. The best option is to go to the website or read the label to find out if the whole plant was used by the manufacturer. Certain manufacturers use the whole plant while others do not.

The Process of Growing Hemp

The best way to make certain any manufactured product is high quality is to determine if they use top quality materials. This is critical for CBD oil due to the hyperaccumulator characteristics of the plant. This means everything in the ground is easily absorbed by the hemp plant when it is farmed and cultivated. When the hemp plant is grown on richer soil, it will be higher quality. The same is true of the CBD oil extracted from the plant.

There are drawbacks associated with being a hyperaccumulator. If the hemp plant used for the CBD oil extraction was grown in an area with a lot of heavy metals including lead and mercury, the plant will absorb these metals. This means the plant will not be safe for consumption. This can have serious consequences for any individual with a vulnerability to toxins. Unfortunately, poor quality hemp is purchased by some of the manufacturers for processing CBD and may contain heavy metals.

The only concern these manufacturers have is making a profit. They do not give a thought to the potential consequences. This risks a negative reputation being attributed to CBD. The best option is researching where the manufacturer acquires their hemp. Look for hemp grown in the United States because the farmers must receive certification from the state department of agriculture. This information is available at the support center or on the manufacturer or retailer’s website.

The Lab Results

High-quality CBD always makes third-party lab results available to the consumers. Some of the lab results are favorable while some products do not pass the tests. The labs are there to make certain the CBD oil is everything it is supposed to be. The CBD level should be high, the THC low, and there should not be any impurities that may harm the consumers. If current lab results are not easily available, the brand may not be reputable.

The lab results can be found on the packaging, the website, or both. Another indication of high-quality CBD oil is good customer service. If the consumer is unable to find the lab results, the best option is contacting customer service. Attention should be paid to the service provided.


One of the cannabinoids in agricultural hemp and marijuana is THC. The hemp plant is preferable for manufacturing CBD oil due to the lower content of THC. This is also ideal for processing the plant. If there is too much THC in the CBD oil, the result is often psychoactive effects for the user. This can also occur due to improper processing. Hundreds to thousands of plants are necessary for the extraction of CBD oil. The equipment required for processing CBD oil correctly is very expensive.

If the manufacturer is cutting corners to save money, there is a good chance the THC content is going to be high. The ideal level of THC found in CBD oil should be a maximum of 0.3 percent. This can be determined by requesting lab results or reading the label prior to purchasing the CBD oil. If the THC level is higher, the consumer should purchase from a different manufacturer.

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