Qualities of the Best CBD Manufacturers

Due to the large number of CBD oil manufacturers, consumers can experience difficulties identifying the best CBD manufacturers. The best option for both inexperienced and veteran CBD users is to look for specific criteria. This includes:



  • Purity
  • Quality
  • Potency
  • Value
  • Innovation
  • User Experience

The Top CBD Manufacturers


This manufacturer is committed to social responsibility. This includes a non-profit organization called The Endoca Foundation. The organization focuses on sustainability, natural medicine, and medical cannabis research and education. The organization also helps companies and individuals interested in researching the potential benefits of CBD who do not have the necessary funds.

According to the Endoca website, when an individual purchases their CBD, they are not only healing themselves but the world as well. Endoca offers a wide range of drops, chewing gum, and skincare products containing CBD. The company has an individual seed bank used for the cultivation of hemp plants and the manufacturing of CBD oil.

Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals only sells CBD oil using the hemp obtained from the farms the family owns in Colorado. All of the plants are organically cultivated. The flowering parts are the only portions used to ensure both quality and purity. The offerings of the company are appreciated by the environmentally conscious. This includes CBD oil blends for enhancing the health of the user or to provide physically active users with more energy.

The most potent CBD oil sold by Receptra Naturals is a 4,000 mg concentrate. The company’s products also include body butter to condition the skin, a topical cream, and a CBD extract blend specifically for pets. According to the company, this can help decrease anxiety while improving digestion and mobility for animals.


The website for CBDfx offers a Knowledge Hub for individuals who do not understand how CBD is manufactured, where it is obtained, or the impact it has on the body. Many of these individuals do not know what CBD stands for. Anyone interested in even more information can look at the company blog. This investigates numerous subjects, including whether or not cannabidiol helps with anxiety and if CBD makes a difference regarding the aging process.

This provides potential customers with the answers to all of their questions prior to purchasing any of their products. When the consumer decides they want to make a purchase, CBDfx offers them a lot of different options. In addition to CBD oil gummy bears, capsules, and tinctures, the company offers a Chill Shot. The company has stated their lemon-flavored drink is one of the most satisfying and tastiest ways to use CBD.

Green Roads

Green Roads has made transparency their priority. The process of manufacturing CBD oil and everything it contains has been explained in detail on the company website. Potential customers are generally reassured when they learn the products produced by Green Roads are compounded carefully by pharmacists who have more than twenty years of experience in the industry. To ensure all of their products are high-quality, Green Roads sends its CBD oil for lab testing using third-parties on a regular basis.

The results of the testing are available online. This may be the reason the company has achieved extremely positive results for reviews regarding their most potent tincture. This is a 1,500 mg concentrate. For any customers interested in a little something more, the company provides a range of edibles with similar acclaim. This includes lollipops, gummy-men, and CBD oil infused coffee and tea, as well as capsules and nighttime syrups.

Infinite CBD

Even individuals completely new to CBD will understand the CBD compound in addition to the effects once they visit the educational section located on the company website. There is also a solution for anyone interested in trying CBD who is unsure where to begin. Infinite CBD provides a welcome chart showing the best ways to consume CBD, including which product is best for each method. The company does not offer quite as extensive of a range of products as similar businesses.

Infinite CBD makes up for this by providing their potential customers with a lot of valuable information. The company offers isolates with good value. The strongest one is 5,000 mg. This is a capsule containing a blend of melatonin and caffeine for use during the day or night. Individuals suffering from joint and muscle issues often find relief by using the Freezing Point cooling cream.


Elixinol was founded by Paul Benhaim, who had accumulated twenty years’ worth of experience in the industry. According to the company website, they provide and manufacture the highest quality hemp extracts and CBD oil in the world. Their customers can be assured the quality is excellent because the extracts are extensively tested. All of the products have certificates of analysis the user can see with a click of their mouse.

The products of Elixinol have been given the thumbs up by a nonprofit organization based out of Colorado called The Realm of Caring Foundation. They are an advocate for CBD education, research, and therapy. Anyone interested in their extracts can make their selection from a variety of oral tinctures with 300, 600, and 3,600 mg potencies. Capsules and topical balms are also available. The company donates five percent of the profits from all of its sales to charity. This enables the consumer to feel good about helping others.

Bluebird Botanicals

Cannabist Awards selected Bluebird Botanicals out of Colorado as the top CBD oil company in the United States in 2016. This was only three years after the company was founded. According to research conducted by the Brightfield Group, Bluebird Botanicals has become the third-largest CBD producer in the United States during this time. This may be due to the exceptional quality control enforced by the company. The website has the certificates of analysis for all of their batches right on the website.

The company created an assistance program to provide help for the disabled, individuals with low incomes, and veterans. This speaks volumes regarding the customer care provided by the company. Eligible individuals receive discounts on signature and classic hemp extracts, CBD isolate, and vape oil.

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